Preorder Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Pre order Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Among the most important and impressive hardware and software features of Galaxy Note 3, I would list its powerful processor (most likely it will be a Snapdragon S800), it’s RAM (that will have 3GB amont of RAM), foto/video camera (same as Galaxy S4), eye scrolling function, and a superior battery. Many features are the same of S4’s, but the hardware support is stronger.


After the official release, almost U.S. mobile carriers will launch preorders for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 in a month at similar prices like of the previous Note version. So, an unlocked smartphone will cost at U.S. mobile operators arround $800, an additional price of $100 for a bundle (it depends by included accessories), and arround $299 for yearly plans (usually at AT&T and Verizon).


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