Preorder HTC One

HTC One pre orders

Pre-order HTC One

Also other smartphone contains a huge promoting marketing campaign that eclipsed all cellular gadgets of 2013, this a person has a tendency to have the quantity one particular situation inside of a small amount of time, despite the fact that its internet marketing campaign it absolutely was unsignificant worldwide.

HTC One has impressed numerous people starting from its unique design, that makes an illusion of the greater screens than it owns: a four.7 inches Super Lcd 3. Also, a person on the past era CPU, Snapdragon 600 quad-core 1.7Ghz, received the attention on the globe, and its 2GB of RAM brings it about the top of the very best smartphones in the 12 months!

A person disputable topic is its rear foto/video camera that have only 4Mpx. Yeah, for the commencing I had been stunned that this units incorporates a so lousy in Mpx digital camera, but after a shortly study I found that HTC One has a particular camera that utilizes the “UltraPixel” know-how to acquire bigger performances, even in minimal lightening regions. In truth this technological know-how uses far more pixels over the same spot photo sensor that typical cameras, to seize much more successful the sunshine and to get superior illustrations or photos. So, it’s a good ideea to pre-order HTC One┬áif you want it soon in your hands!

A further element which has amazed the earth would be that the minimal inside memory storage is 32GB. Effectively… friends, it is a big step designed on the smartphones’ storage industry, and until finally now it is the to start with mobile machine which offer so massive room as memory.

Furthermore, electric battery which ties together it’s sufficient but not for everybody if we take in thing to consider that 2300 mAh isn’t really ample for the individual that would use a web relationship for hrs in daily activities. But really don’t fret to considerably, because you can have an prolonged battery pack.


Preorder Galaxy S4

Preorder Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy S4

So, on the internet you can pre-order Samsung Galaxy S4, as unlocked smartphone, from of range of prices between $700 and $1379. Usually you can find it very easy on the main biggest online stores in the world, but… to be safe, I recommend you to wait a little more time for the release days and first offers for Galaxy S4 pre-orders, from the main US mobile carriers.

Now the first officially announced release day comes from AT&T Mobile, which will be on april 16th in the United States. Until now AT&T is the first and single mobile carrier that announced a release day for Galaxy S4, but other major competitors are expected to make them official communicates: Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile, Cricket. U.S. Cellular, Sprint, and so on.

Preorder Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Pre order Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Among the most important and impressive hardware and software features of Galaxy Note 3, I would list its powerful processor (most likely it will be a Snapdragon S800), it’s RAM (that will have 3GB amont of RAM), foto/video camera (same as Galaxy S4), eye scrolling function, and a superior battery. Many features are the same of S4’s, but the hardware support is stronger.


After the official release, almost U.S. mobile carriers will launch preorders for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 in a month at similar prices like of the previous Note version. So, an unlocked smartphone will cost at U.S. mobile operators arround $800, an additional price of $100 for a bundle (it depends by included accessories), and arround $299 for yearly plans (usually at AT&T and Verizon).

iPhone 5S preorders

Pre Order iPhone 5S

iPhone 5S

One of the recent rumors says that at least next iPhone is designed under Steve Jobs, it will be released soon after the half of June 2013, will be joined by a faster processor, and a better high-end foto/video camera, a killer software feature is comming, 5S is already on production, is expected that this mobile device to have wireless-charging technology and NFC, plus many other wanted fans’ wishes.


As usually, first iPhone 5S pre-orders are available soon after the official release date, at prices not so far than the previouse versions of this smartphone. The strongest battle from U.S. in race to bring this mobile devices on american markets will be among the main mobile operators: AT&T Mobile, Verizon, Sprint, U.S. Cellular, T-Mobile and so on. If we are looking to the past, in the history of previous releases of iPhone made by U.S. mobile carriers, then we can expect a range of prices for the next iPhone!

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